Rotterdam is popular!

Many people are looking for a suitable property in our beautiful city! Unfortunately, there is not enough housing for everyone to find suitable housing quickly.

Landlords normally choose the tenant with the most financial security. In addition, many properties offered are already leased and making contact with several letting agents is a laborious task.

Therefore it can take a long time for expats to find a home where they feel at home, so they can focus solely on their new job.

I, Danielle Witmont, am happy to be of service to your organization! Within the team of Perfectrent I have specialized myself in finding suitable staff accommodation for businesses.

Because I personally supervise the whole process, I can switch quickly and you always have just one contact person.

What to expect from me:

  • Interviewing your employee via phone or skype to discuss the wishes (for example the desired number of bedrooms, rental price, furnished/unfurnished, location and if any schools need to be nearby).
  • Next I will search for suitable properties according to the wishes of your employee. I will screen the entire rental market of Rotterdam and contact my fellow real estate agents, whom I have established a close cooperation with.
  • Creating a shortlist according to the longlist of suitable properties in consultation with your employee.
  • Planning a tour in order to visit the properties in one day. I will pick up your employee and accompany the tour.
  • Negotiating the best rental conditions.
  • Translating and executing legal check of the rental agreement.
  • Assisting with the handover of the keys and inspection of the property including taking inspection photo’s.
  • Ensuring that any points found during the inspection are effectively addressed.
  • Assisting with applications of gas, water, electricity, internet and TV.
  • Offering aftercare, for example provide information how to register with the municipality and how to apply for any permits.

For the above guidance, I ask an onetime fee equal to one month rent excluding VAT on a no cure no pay basis.

Besides supporting your employee, it is also possible to furnish the property, so your employees can start carefree and can fully focus on his/her new position within your organization.

I will do my utmost to ensure that your employee feels at home in his/her new home and environment as quickly as possible.



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Daniëlle Witmont

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